Video Lite


Product Overview:

Video Lite is a Software application used to record digital video from ROV/Diver camera at remarkably reduced video size with high quality in SD, HD and 3D.
Video Lite assists in efficiently managing high volume Digital video data.

Consists of four applications:

  1. DVE Application
  2. Video Controller Application
  3. Auto Backup Application
  4. Video Player Application


  • Significantly reducing file sizes. Files on average, are 15-20% of other video recorder software file sizes going from approximately 2,000 MB/hour down to 300 MB/hour or even less at PAL resolution, allowing the video to be rapidly available around the network reducing latency and increasing efficiency for reporting operations.
  • Reducing cost of storage , the software removed the need for frequently adding and replacing high-capacity RAID storage devices by as much as 4-5 times reducing costs, yielding longer drive life and usage, and minimizing operational interruption(s)
  • Minimized Risk of data loss via data redundancy and the allocation of Primary and Secondary storage sources in real time. Video files are copied to the Secondary storage automatically and made available for review immediately.
  • Operation on 24/7 basis
  • Records digital video in different resolutions PAL/NTSC/SD/HD.