Offshore Automated System


Product Overview:

OAS is a server application that enables the data processor to be virtually on the vessel logging, processing and QC data, however physically onshore. All logged sensors data including multiple video streams are recorded, compressed and transferred almost online (1 hour delay) during inspection projects utilizing the limited internet bandwidth available offshore.

Consists of Three Modules:

  1. OAS Service
  2. Vessel Admin
  3. Office Admin


  • Ensure timely production of deliverables (charts and reports) in few days from demob.
  • Increase overall productivity by relying on permanent team working onshore through the lifetime of the project.
  • Increase Quality Control on deliverables by using dedicated QC team.
  • Allow online detailed monitoring of the project progress internally by onshore project manager and externally by the client representative onshore.
  • Client access to raw data online from their offices overcoming the barrier of being on the vessel.
  • Ensure continuity of personnel along the life time of the project.
  • Less Personnel offshore means smaller vessels, less risk and less cost.
  • Ability to receive reports during the inspection to ensure client satisfaction and completion of scope of work before vessel demobilization.
  • Ability to utilize the Data Center Model:
    • Permanent staff during the lifetime of the project.
    • Flexibility of resizing office team based on variation of workload.
    • Ability to use dedicated team for dedicated tasks to improve quality of deliverables (QC team, offline video review team, reporting, charting…etc.)