ROV Pipeline Commander


Product Overview

Pipeline Commander is an application suite comprising separate modules covering digital video recording, data processing, charting, project management, data viewer and reporting used in different types of surveying projects.

Consists of Four Modules:

  • Project Manager Module.
  • Data Acquisition Module (Online).
  • Data Processing Module (Offline).
  • Pipeline Viewer Module (Viewer).

Best Use for:

Logging, processing and reporting all acquired data from different ROV pipeline inspection operations such as:

  • General Visual Inspections
  • Close Visual Inspection
  • Cathodic Protection Measurements
  • Wall Thickness Measurements
  • Marine Growth Measurements and Identifications
  • Risers conditions and Coating types
  • Clamps Conditions
  • Anodes, Conductors… etc.


  • Complete Integrated Solution – ROV Pipeline Commander consolidates all the ROV inspection functionalities from data acquisition, digital video recording, eventing, navigation and scans processing, to reports and charts delivery, together with a desktop viewer for fast data access and review.
  • Cost effectiveness -ROV Pipeline Commander has been successfully proven as the cost effective and efficient data acquisition system in many pipeline inspection surveys.
  • Easy Data Accessibility -Delivering the survey outputs in digital media and Web based GIS applications for robust data accessibility.
  • Efficient Data Handling -The manner in which data is handled during a typical ROV inspection project is changing; from being a multi-platform task to become a single integrated production line.
  • 3D representation -of pipeline, events and ROV synchronized with video.
  • Offshore Automated System (OAS) – Using the OAS technology, enabled delivery of final reports within only 7 days from demobilization.

Project Manager Application

Project Manager Application manages the whole project database and controls different users’ access. It manages more than one project with various pipelines data at the same time.

Features and Benefits

  • Automated database management for acquisition and processing phases.
  • Old or designed pipe data can be reviewed.
  • Supports multiple ROV settings.
  • Imports multiple tide tables with different formats for the same project and define their KP with reference to user customization.
  • Supports automated full and selective back up and restore system.
  • Remote monitoring and alarm system status.

Online Application (Logging, Digital Video and Eventing)

Logging Module
Records data output/input strings from the ROV sensors (depth sensor, motion sensor, profiler, cathodic protection and altimeter) and stores this data in the database.

Eventing and Digital Video Module
Consists of three digital video capturing computers connected directly to the ROV Cameras in addition to the Eventing Controller PC which controls the video recording process. The online module continuously displays the Video screens in addition to the real time navigation data. The Eventing Controller PC records events while the video is captured and stores them linked to the Digital Video.

Online Application Features & Benefits

  • Real time navigation tracking.
  • Controlling and monitoring unlimited number of digital cameras in real time.
  • Supporting customized event codes.
  • Automatic checking for handling common human errors.
  • If one camera stops, the application automatically stops all other recording cameras.
  • Previous survey data can appear in the background to help eventors.
  • Online view of events against time and KP to manage overlap areas between dives.
  • Highest available video compression ratio, the balance between size and quality can be customized.
  • Auto logging for any actions done on the system.
  • More than one ROV can be used on the same pipeline project without affecting the quality of data acquired which gives more precise position of start and end of free span.

Offline Application (Processing, Reviewing and Charting)

Processing Module
The Processing Module role is to link, process and QC the logged data.
The processing phase can be done simultaneously while the system continues to log data.Two or three users can work offline simultaneously on the same data sets while the logging of data continues online. Each data processor can work on a specific data feature (such as events, scans, and navigation data) or can work on the same feature at the same time without affecting other users.

The processing module functionality includes

  • Scans Processing
  • Navigation Processing
  • Profile Processing
  • Events Processing
  • Other Data Processing (CP/Pipe Tracker Data)

The charting module
The Charting Module has been developed to help the user accurately and automatically generate survey charts, pipeline cross sections, longitudinal profiles at different scales at a fraction of the time required in traditional charting and processing methods.

Offline Application Features & Benefits

  • Validating of both processing and logging data.
  • Simple and advanced filtering of data.
  • Automatic free span check along with scans and events.
  • Generation of fully customized event list file.
  • Automatic image generation for a specific event.
  • GUI for showing video details such as file duration, time stamp and start and end time.
  • Snapshots and video clips can be taken from video files at anytime.
  • Flexibility in reprocessing any aspect of the data without affecting other attributes (ex: reprocess navigation data without affecting the processed scans data).
  • Capability to edit data graphically (ex: smooth pipe track, edit scans).
  • Scans auto processing settings saved as XML file for sharing.
  • Combining video streams.
  • Video fast forwarding up to 4X or more depending on VGA card capacity.
  • Support processing of multi diameter pipelines.
  • GUI for running and checking Database queries.
  • All executed queries are saved in the log book, allowing easy retrieval of deleted events.
  • Exporting and importing required data between the office and offshore operations.
  • Saving lag times spent in processing charts and pipe sheets.

Pipeline Viewer

Viewer Module:
The Pipeline Commander Viewer is an application tool to allow the end Clients:

  • To view the data in a manner in a fully customized manner to suit specific needs.
  • Present all data in a fully synchronized data set which will allow the integration of multiple years’ events and display these simultaneously to allow comparison of events in a simple and meaningful manner.
  • All the data can be delivered in either standalone packages or as a combined Geographical Information System (GIS)
  • Display standard definition, high definition and 3D high definition video within and fully integrated with all other sensor data.


  • Integration of all ROV inspection data in one single viewer with multiple windows4 (for example: Port, Centre and Starboard video files, navigation data, Multibeam or cross profilers, CP charts and all pipeline events).
  • Integration of multiple video formats
  • Best video compression ratio with the same picture quality (0.15 GB/hour per camera at 720*576 PAL resolutions).
  • Easy data handling (Digital video copying and portability).
  • 3D representation of pipeline, events and ROV synchronized with video.
  • Supports 3D stereoscope, in a smooth performance, with the ability to select and highlight required pipe.


MCS 2D Pipeline Viewer:

  • MCS 2D Pipeline Viewer consolidates all the ROV inspection data in a user-friendly interface where the client can access all the data fully synchronized together along with the videos in addition to the ability to produce customized reports and printouts from within the same interface

MCS 3D Pipeline Viewer:

In addition to the benefits received from the standard 2D viewer, MCS 3D Viewer adds a virtual new dimension to the way the client can assesses the data:

  • Interactive 3D model of the pipeline and the seabed using Traffic Light System to show the critical sections of the pipeline based on the as found anomalies.
  • All survey events are represented with clickable 3D objects synchronized with the survey data.
  • ILI Data (In Line Inspection using Intelligent Pigging) is automatically aligned with the external data to achieve a complete comprehensive awareness of the pipeline both internally and externally.