ROV Structure Commander


Product Description

Structure Commander is a software application designed for planning and managing offshore structure inspection activities; data acquisition, online eventing, digital video recording, task scheduling, data processing & reporting through a comprehensive and easy to use 3D environment, integrated with an elaborative database system.

Consists of Four Modules:

  1. Administration Module
  2. Data Acquisition Module (Online)
  3. Data Processing Module (Offline)
  4. Structure Viewer Module (Viewer)

Best Use For:

Logging, processing and reporting all acquired data from different ROV structure inspection operations such as:

  • General Visual Inspections
  • Close Visual Inspections
  • Cathodic Protection Measurements
  • Marine Growth Measurements and Identifications
  • Risers conditions and coating types
  • Clamps Conditions
  • Flooded Member Detections (FMD)


  • The interactive 3D structure model enables users to easily and accurately navigate the components inspection data.
  • Enables users to log all structure inspection data (anomalies, tasks results, etc.).
  • Linking all the events, digital videos and 3D models to structure and substructure components.
  • Anomaly management system with the ability to track the anomaly status updates for all components.
  • Monitoring the progress of planned work packs for the inspection campaigns.
  • Ability to apply data filters and queries to be reflected on displayed data.
  • Ability to capture still images online/offline.
  • The viewer can be triggered from the Web GIS Commander to browse all the structure inspection data