Asset Integrity Data Management System

aims-bannerMCS Asset Integrity Data Management System is a tailor made solution consolidating all assets data from conceptual engineering to installation and operation into one centralized data base for entire field by using a simple, unified user friendly interface with geographical visualization for all assets enables Company to identify risks, analysis, planning and follow-up activities.

  • Scalable solution that can be expanded to interface with company existing systems to retrieve required data from various departments such as drilling, projects, production, maintenance … etc.
  • Consolidating all related documentation, including but not limited to manuals, drawings and reports.
  • Hyper-linking the graphics display to redirect the user to specific database record, the record includes the field holding data related to the current and historical inspection status of each item
  • Risk based assessment & work prioritization through identification of threats, probabilities and consequences of failure.
  • Ability to compare between various scenarios based on risk reductions, costs and KPI performance.
  • Ability to create a detailed scope of work based on the latest inspection results and findings of each asset
  • The system provides a risk register, incorporating a traffic light system, customized according to company standards.
  • The system provides an action tracking register; an interactive document shared between the offices and the engineers in the field/plant (via the intranet facility) tha enables user to automatically perform a gap analysis to show outstanding inspection tasks/scope.