Covid-19 Announcement

Message from our chairman

As an industry we know the next chapter will mean widespread and complex challenges. The global pandemic of Covid-19, coupled with a drop in oil price, means plans will change, budgets will be squeezed, and new ways of working will become ever more essential. MCS, and its group, prides itself in being flexible and agile. We operate globally and put our colleagues and clients first. With stringent new policies, we are continuing to provide support to our customers around the world safely and in-line with government guidance. Innovation is in our DNA and 30% of our staff are dedicated solely to Research & Development (R&D). We can develop bespoke solutions for individual clients as well as our on-going work towards ingenious new technology to satisfy the energy challenges industry wide. One of the most exciting benefits of innovation is the opportunity to overcome obstacles together, when it might not be possible independently. Rest assured our work in creating, testing and applying new technology in response to the industry is continuing. The need to reduce cost, improve safety & protect the environment requires change. We are in this together.

Wael Bakr