Inner Test

In the oil industry it is always challenging to visualize a full structure or pipeline section with precise as built dimensions due to the limited visibility underwater ( Average 4 to 6 meters ) and the limited accuracy of underwater positioning.

Photo Realistic 3D Cloud (PRC) is a cutting edge innovative technology to scan complete structures and pipeline sections underwater to create a 3D Cloud of millions of points presenting the as-built of any scanned object with a high accuracy more than 1/1000 (ex: 1mm accuracy in a 1m measurement).

Using breakthrough advanced optical sensors and mathematical disciplines.
Equipment can be mounted on any size ROV or even a diver.


  • Clear view and precise measurement of pipeline curvature in 3D.
  • Accurate measurements for pipeline free span and crossing clearance.
  • 3D visualization for structures with high accuracy.
  • In hazardous locations, unlike the ongoing procedures there is no need to shutdown to get accurate measurements.
  • Ability to measure minor deviations in subsea components according to different operational conditions.
  • No expensive or time consuming metrology required for spool measurements.


  • Out of Straightness Survey (OOS) up to a cm accuracy in both the vertical and horizontal dimensions to determine the pipeline shape and the ability to compare it from different PRC surveys.
  • Pipeline lateral and vertical buckling surveys.
  • Spool measurements.
  • Subsea construction.
  • Decommissioning.
  • Repairs.
  • Chain inspection.
  • FPSO inspection.
  • Onshore 3D Modelling using Drones