MCS takes over turnkey data processing jobs in offshore pipeline and structure inspection data acquisition and management projects.

MCS has an ever growing track record in the undertaking of ROV Pipeline and offshore structure Inspection Surveys data processing with previously projects undertaken in North Sea, Middle East, Mediterranean, West Africa, Australia and Asia .

Can you imagine having pipeline survey charts and reports on your desk within a few days of completing the offshore work?
How can you reduce that subsea inspection cost?

At MCS, we have built a successful business based on providing an integrated data acquisition and processing service comprising the acquisition, processing and reporting software supported by a dedicated team of experienced and qualified offshore and onshore personnel.

Our growing list of satisfied customers demonstrates the success of this approach as we continually deliver high quality results, together with significant time and cost savings. However, we are always seeking greater efficiencies and asked ourselves:

  • How can we deliver reports to the same high standard within days of completing the offshore work?
  • Could we actually reduce costs and logistics by reducing the number of personnel offshore?

The answer is our Onshore Data Center.

MCS now offers even faster production of deliverables, allowing for detailed monitoring of project progress, reduced costs and assured continuity of personnel throughout the lifetime of project.

Through the implementation of robust data connectivity via satellite between vessels offshore and the Data Center onshore and utilizing in-house data compression techniques, we have dramatically increased overall productivity, while halving the number of offshore personnel.

What are the benefits?

  • Ensuring timely production of charts and preliminary reports within in 2-3 days from acquisition.
  • Draft final reports are delivered within few days of completing the offshore work
  • Providing continuity of processing personnel throughout the life time of the project.
  • Maximizing productivity and quality control by assigning the project to a permanent onshore team.
  • Allowing detail monitoring of the project progress internally and externally by the client.
  • Reducing the hardware requirements and the offshore data acquisition and processing team from 6┬áto 3 persons
  • This also means reduced mob/demob costs and less space required on board the vessel
  • Less equipment and fewer people onboard also means that PSVs and other vessels of opportunity with lower accommodation capacity may be used.

Why not take advantage of the perfect combination of the most advanced software together with our qualified and experienced personnel and use our Data Center Service for your next subsea programme