Photo Realistic 3D Cloud of Points (PRC)

Our PRC is a cutting-edge subsea camera and software system that takes inspection to a whole new level. It scans structures and pipeline sections to create a 3D Cloud with millions of points, presenting an as-built, 3D visualization of any scanned object. The system uses breakthrough advanced optical sensors and mathematical disciplines to overcome visibility and positioning challenges subsea.

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  • Subsea Construction.
  • Chain and FPSO inspection.
  • Spool measurements.
  • Pipeline lateral and vertical buckling surveys.
  • Onshore 3D Modelling using Drones.
  • Out of Straightness Survey (OOS) up to a cm accuracy in both the vertical and horizontal dimensions to determine the pipeline shape and the ability to compare it to other PRC surveys.


  • Like the human eye, but without human risk or error, the system gives highly accurate measurements up to fabrication accuracy.
  • The system allows for faster collection of data, installation and reduces the need for shutdown increasing overall efficiency and reducing cost.
  • It’s universal and can be mounted onto any sized Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) or onto a diver.

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