3D Video Application

A new Perspective on your video data! 

As part of the fully integrated suite of Integrity and Inspection Management software applications for the Subsea Energy sector the MCS 3D Video Commander technology is the latest in the creative innovation technology releases to support our suite of software applications and hardware solutions.

3D Video Commander offers the opportunity to record and view full high resolution 3D video either as a standalone application or part of the fully integrated deliverable inside both the Pipeline Commander and the Structures Commander applications.

The application has been designed around compatibility with existing desktop and laptop technologies. The system is capable of displaying 3D video on the latest inexpensive display technology readily available in the market today.

Building upon previous developments within our turnkey data acquisition systems and creative digital video technologies designed for underwater inspection projects; MCS have developed a new solution that can revolutionize the way users interact with the video that appears on their standard PC or Laptop screen.
MCS 3D Video Commander gives a clear high quality real-time 3 Dimensional picture of underwater assets to assist operators gain a true sense of perspective assisting them to identify problems and make the best decisions for safety of operations, in water efficiency and increased sensory information allowing optimum decision making.