Response Commander

As part of the fully integrated suite of Integrity and Inspection Management software applications for the Subsea Energy sector the MCS Response Commander application has proven itself to be essential for integrating, recording and managing video data during a critical event or incident in an offshore environment.

The advent of MCS Response Commander came about during a recent incident in the Gulf of Mexico. It became apparent that the ability to stream live video feeds from multiple sources both topside and subsea was something that had never previously been planned for within the industry.

In today’s age of immediate access to data via the internet there was both a need and a demand to record multiple video feeds simultaneously in a single location and make that data available to multiple incident response personnel.

MCS were invited to help deliver a solution after the existing systems being used by our Client began to fail due to the burden of the amount of data to be both recorded and managed. Data being encoded at 4 or 5 Mb/sec mounts up to a huge amount of data in a very short period of time and has the ability to bring your existing network infrastructure to a standstill in a very short period of time days if not hours

Through MCS Response Commander a solution was able to be implemented in a very short period of time which took complete control of the recording of the multiple video feeds and offered a workable data management solution.