Pipeline Commander

Pipeline Commander is an integrated managing and planning tool for inspection and condition monitoring of subsea pipelines and equipment.  The application has four modules and consolidates all ROV inspection functions including digital video recording, data processing, charting, project management, data viewer and reporting into one easy-to-use interface.  The data is easily accessed and shared with speed – with a final report possible only seven days after demobilisation.


  • General Visual Inspections.
  • Close Visual Inspection.
  • Cathodic Protection Measurements.
  • Wall Thickness Measurements.
  • Marine Growth Measurements and Identifications.
  • Risers conditions and Coating types.
  • Clamps Conditions.
  • Anodes, Conductors etc.


  • Three video streams from ROV cameras are combined into one extremely accurate, synchronised video file.
  • It facilitates monitoring inspection activities online for real-time viewing and immediate analysis.
  • Data processing can be done onshore. This coupled with a faster reporting time means it’s a fast and cost-effective solution.

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