Structure Commander

Product Description

Detect and assess damage to your offshore structures easily with the Structure Commander software application.   Designed for planning and managing offshore structure inspection activities, data acquisition, online eventing, digital video recording, task scheduling, data processing and reporting through a comprehensive and easy-to-use 3D environment.


  • General Visual Inspections.
  • Close Visual Inspections.
  • Cathodic Protection Measurements.
  • Marine Growth Measurements and Identifications.
  • Risers conditions and coating types.
  • Clamps Conditions.
  • Flooded Member Detections (FMD).


  • This turnkey solution has fully integrated modules which work together to report and manage myriad data.
  • The interactive 3D structure model enables users to easily and accurately navigate the component’s inspection data.
  • The system allows for fast analysis and efficient and accurate inspection campaigns which promote an environment we are both safe, and proud, to work in.

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