Our Digital Virtuoso Asset Integrity Data Management (AIDM) system is tailor made to each client’s requirement and brings together data from all assets and multiple sources into one simple, unified, and user-friendly interface with geographical visualization. It enables our customers to easily analyze data, predict risks, and conduct informed planning and follow-up activities. The Digital Virtuoso AIDM can be modified to interface with your existing and archive systems to retrieve data from various areas and departments.


We can manage and consolidate all your asset integrity information from conceptual engineering, installation and operations of pipelines, structures, and platforms in one fully customizable and centralized database. Have full access to asset data and condition information, planning, reporting and support at your fingertips. Easily identify risks, run analysis, plan, and deliver follow-up activities. The system’s centralized database can be fully customized according to your requirements and asset information.
As part of the customization of the system, a detailed Master Asset Register is developed for all clients’ assets identifying each with a unique ID number. The assets are then linked to their geographic location and easily searchable details including name, headings to and from, P&ID reference, diameter size, lengths, production service code, pressure rating code, material type code, references to relevant documentation, current and historical inspection results, maintenance and repair activities and much more.
  • Map Functionalities.
  • Recommended Action Tracking.
  • Production Hierarchy & Pipeline System.
  • Inspection Events.
  • Anomaly Tracking.
  • Assets Registry.
  • Pipeline Risk.
  • Electronic Library.




This scalable system can interface with your existing solution and encompass historic data.

Reduce risk

It improves safety by identifying risks and optimizing inspection plans.

Wider access

A single source of truth, it allows visualization, navigation and collaboration from a shared workspace.

Manage Large and Complex Assets