Our in-house developed ProSpector® is powerful and flexible to perform a range of pipeline and cable inspection tasks underwater. Smaller in comparison to larger more traditional Inspection ROV's, yet with a better operational capability. It has the advantage of built-in MCS Photo Realistic 3D Cloud (PRC) technology for highly accurate subsea measurements.



Power / Vehicle Cameras:

Propulsion: 70 KW
Maneuverability: 6 D.O.F
  • 4x Horizontal vectored RIM thrusters
  • 4x Vertical RIM thrusters
Camera 1: 1x colored FHD PAN/Tilt/Zoom camera
Camera 2: 360 Deg. fixed array of cameras
Camera 3:

4x HD Cameras (Extendable)

3D Image Scan:
  • 2x Embedded HD Cameras – MCS Solution Photo Realistic 3D Cloud (PRC)
  • MCS Computer Vision
Light System:

8x Distributed LED light system


Vehicle Weight/Dimensions/Depth:

Weight in air: 450 Kg
Dimensions LxWxH: 2100 x 1300 x 500 mm
Depth Rating: 300 msw
Payload: 40 Kg




  • Capable of working in high currents and harsh environments.
  • Tethered controlled vehicle from either RSV or surface deployed.
  • 8 x vertical and horizontal thrusters.
  • Max depth rating 300m with future deepwater capability
  • Operates at current speeds of up to 6 Knots.
  • Payload up to 40Kg.
  • Semi-autonomous and can be pre-programmed for remote control.
  • Maneuverability with auto heading, depth, pitch and roll functions.

Sensors and Tooling:

  • 2x 5-Function Manipulator
  • Cathodic Protection Probe
  • Ultrasonic Thickness Reading (UT)
  • Flooded member detection
  • Super Seaking Bathymetric / DFP
  • 3D Blue View sonar
  • 2D Imaging Sonar
  • Brush Cleaning Tool
  • Pipe Tracker



Reduced cost

Reduce costs by performing from a platform or smaller vessel with reduced personnel.

Increased accuracy

High levels of accuracy and 3D PRC technology gathers precise information for planning, construction, and maintenance.

Champion sustainability

Reduce carbon Footprint by eliminating or reducing the need for offshore ROV vessels.

Tailored for pipeline and cable inspection and metrology.