MCS is a leader in subsea data management and inspection of underwater structures. We have developed an innovative software system to help our customers ensure the integrity of their structures and to ultimately extend the life cycle of their assets.
20 yof subsea inspection
1300+Fixed platform structures inspected


Our Structure Commander enhances periodic inspection and condition monitoring to detect and assess damage and degradation. The solution consists of four integrated modules which work together for data acquisition, online eventing, digital video recording, task scheduling, data processing and reporting with an easy-to-use interface and real-time, 3D viewing. It’s capable of handling any subsea structure including:
  • Steel Jackets.
  • Floating Platforms.
  • FPSOs.
  • Subsea templates.
  • Subsea manifolds.
  • Subsea wellheads.
  • SDAs, UTAs, TIBs, PLETs, PLEMs.

Types of inspection / survey :

  • General Visual Inspections.
  • Close Visual Inspections.
  • Cathodic Protection Measurements.
  • Marine Growth Measurements and Identifications.
  • Flooded Member Detections (FMD).
  • NDT.
  • Scour.
  • Seabed Survey.




Increase efficiency with highly accurate data and faster reporting. 


The system is flexible and capable of handling third party inspection applications and data formats and fully secure and encrypted to prevent data loss or corruption. 


Data processing can be completed onshore by our experienced data processing personnel.