Our MiniSpector® ROV has been designed to be small and nimble while also withstanding higher currents than other mini-ROVs on the market. An ideal tool for platform and structure inspection and 3D metrology, this mini-ROV is easy to deploy and can be used as an alternative to larger ROVs. It has our Photo Realistic 3D Cloud (PRC) technology built-in for highly accurate subsea measurement.
Our fleet currently boasts 8 MiniSpector® systems.



Power / Vehicle Cameras:

Propulsion :8 KW
Maneuverability :6 D.O.F
Power Source :220 VAC – Single Phase – 50/60 HZ
Camera 1 :Colored camera, detachable PAN/Tilt/Zoom (FHD)
Camera 2 :Colored Camera, Fixed (HD)
  • 2 x Embedded HD Cameras – MCS Solution Photo Realistic 3D Cloud of Points (PRC)
  • MCS Computer Vision

Vehicle Weight/Dimensions/Depth:

Weight in air : 45 Kg
Dimensions LxWxH : 580 x 851 x 525 mm
Depth Rating : 300m
Payload : 14 Kg




  • Capable of working in high currents and harsh environments.
  • Operates at current speeds of up to 3 Knots.
  • Work at depths of up to 300 m.
  • Payload up to 14Kg.
  • Semi-autonomous and can be pre-programmed for remote control.
  • Maneuverability with auto heading, depth, pitch and roll functions.

Inspection Tasks:

  • HD GVI / CVI.
  • 3D Photo Realistic Cloud (PRC).
  • Contact / Proximity CP.
  • UT (Ultrasonic thickness reading).
  • FMD (Flooded Member Detection).
  • Marine growth removal.



Reduced cost

This flexible solution is easy to transport, power and deploy, from a platform or small vessel, which saves money. 

Increased accuracy

3D PRC technology transforms the MiniSpector® into a subsea metrology drone with accuracy to the nearest millimeter and precise planning for construction and maintenance. 

Enhanced stability

Seven vertical and horizontal thrusters provide full control, stability and maneuverability and can be semi-autonomous with pre-programable control. 

An Ideal Tool for Platform and Structure Inspection and Metrology