3D Cloud of Points

Photo Realistic
MCS Photo Realistic 3D Cloud (PRC) is a cutting edge innovative
technology to scan complete structures and pipeline sections
underwater in order to create a 3D Cloud of millions of points,
presenting the as-built 3D visualization of any scanned object
giving very accurate measurements to the nearest mm.
Asset Integrity Data

Management System

MCS Asset Integrity Data Management System is a tailor
made solution consolidating all assets data from conceptual
engineering to installation and operation into one centralized
data base for entire field by using a simple, unified user friendly
interface with geographical visualization for all assets enables
Company to identify risks, analysis, planning and follow-up


ROV Pipeline
Pipeline Commander is an application suite comprising
separate modules covering video /data acquisition,
online eventing, data processing, project management,
data viewer and reporting used in different types
of pipeline and cable inspection projects.
ROV Structure


MCS Structure Commander Solution covers digital video
recording, data acquisition, online eventing, task scheduling,
and reporting using a comprehensive and interactive 3D model
integrated with an elaborative database, designed to be
compatible with all major industry standard format.


MCS Web GIS Commander is an implementation of a single
database of inspection data for an entire field that links all the
seabed, structure and other assets together, enable
visualization in simple, unified web based geographical
information system.
Video Broadcasting


Video Broadcasting Application is a high performance, real time
client server video package, specifically tailored for offshore
ROV operations.
Advanced high quality compression technology makes this
the ideal solution to stream live video over the Internet.

Management System

Drilling Data
MCS Drilling Data Management System (DDMS) is a drilling
database management system works from well design till
well recap, post well analysis and synchronizing drilling
operations data between rig(s) and head office.

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